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August has arrived and we are at the tail end of the Cape winter. So we need to put a “spring” into our step. This month has been billed Women’s Month arising out of the march staged by women in 1956 to Parliament in defense of not only Women’s Rights but also Human Rights. One can only admire the stand taken – so very long ago. Now it is time to take a stand on your health.

Health is an ongoing saga but August reminds women of what they should be doing, of what they must be doing and of what they should not be doing.

First and foremost is the general check-up. Blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol testing are the regular tests done. Other more specific tests are done mainly as follow up to existing conditions, these tests include those for thyroid hormones, iron levels, full blood counts etc. Commonly omitted is the physical examination for breast lumps. A nursing sister would be able to instruct you how to do this at home. Stress, hormonal imbalances, poor eating (and drinking) habits, antibiotic treatment etc may often lead to vaginitis which is characterized by vaginal itching, burning and discharges. This can be treated by taking probiotics and fungicidal creams available from the pharmacy. See your doctor should you have recurrent or severe vaginitis.

Exercising forms an integral part of one’s health and the cold winter should not be a deterrent. Various exercises can be done indoors either at a gym or at home. This allows for muscles to stay supple and in tone and with the approaching warmer weather, this would assist in easing into regular outdoor training programs.

Stay healthy. Ask your pharmacist.

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