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By admin on 12 April 2012 | Leave a Comment

Last weekend saw the Cape Town leg of the Spar Women’s 10km challenge which once again drew hundreds of runners from all over South Africa. Many runners would have gone through some form of training programme accompanied by a balanced diet. In many cases runners would be using supplements, whether this is absolutely necessary or not is debatable. However, it is a time when these participants fear catching a cold or running a fever or any other condition which may ruin their chances of taking part. Vitamin C has always been advised to improve one’s resistance and to boost the immune system. Proper intake of fluid (pre-race) and the age-old advice of carbo-loading is the order of the day. It is important not to strain the body in the last few days before the race, hence one can increase one’s strength and flexibility by performing simple indoor exercises. Push-ups, sit-ups, leg extensions are but a few examples. Relaxation methods are hugely effective. All these add to the positive energy required for the event but also serve to assist in quick recovery after the race. It is recommended that all competing runners should seek advice from their healthcare professional in order to affect an enjoyable and successful race.

Good luck to all competitors.

Pro Arumugam
B Pharm

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