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Allergy-free cooking

By admin on 17 October 2012


Simone Stoller had been battling with excruciating pains for 10 months and doctors couldn’t give her a diagnosis. It was eventually discovered that the problem was food allergies; all of […]


Our Deli is #1

By admin on 5 March 2012

Screen shot 2012-03-05 at 22.58.39

It is no surprise that our Deli is the number one reason why you shop in our store but it is only fair then that we keep innovating and broadening our menu so you can find something delicious on every single day of the week…


New at our Deli.

By admin on 1 February 2012


At Cape Quarter Food SPAR, a new year means new ideas and new tastes for you to enjoy. We have two new offerings we think you’ll love. Something for breakfast and something for lunch…


Betty Bake for SPAR

By admin on 11 May 2011

Cheese Cake 1

We invited blogger, Bernice Griffiths, or you may know her as Betty Bake, to come over to our SPAR, shop up a little storm and then share the results with us. Here is her story…


The BIG Sub.

By admin on 9 February 2011

We here at the Cape Quarter Food SPAR take huge pride in our Deli. We like to keep it as fresh and flavoursome and full, for all of you who make the effort to come in and grab lunch on the go.

We now have CREATE YOUR OWN SUB! All it takes is following 6 tasty steps and R29.95.


Introducing The Foodie…

By The Foodie on 12 November 2010

David Cope - The Food

One quick shop, many great meals. This month we’ve chosen two ingredients – prawns and spicy chourizo spicy sausage – as the basis for three meals, though they could last you even more.