Spring In September

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Spring In September

As Winter comes to a close and the temperature increases, the wind brings with it all sorts of allergens which cause and aggravate conditions like hayfever, sinusitis, asthma and eczema to name but a few. It is important not only to treat the symptoms but also to boost and strengthen one’s immune system. As in Winter one would use Vitamin C to achieve this and, hence, one should continue in Spring. Various antihistamines are available to treat the above conditions but their success varies from person to person.

Cape Town always seems to have a very high pollen count in Spring, invariably the eyes and nose are immediately affected. Topical preparations for the eyes ( Patanol, Spersallerg) and nose ( Flomist, Iliadin) are often used to relieve the symptoms and discomfort. Most of the oral preparations (Allergex, Fexo) are effective but may cause drowsiness and this has led to the introduction of newer and non-sedative antihistamines (Deselex, Loratidine). These preparations are also used to quell the itching sensations experienced by those who suffer from eczema. Dry eczematous areas are normally treated with emollients (Epizone E, Cream E45) and mild steroidal preparations (Dilucort, Mylocort). A medical practitioner should be consulted should the eczema become moist and infected.

Spring also means enjoying the outdoors. This is ideal time for mountain hikes, leisure walks, cycling and jogging, the advantages to your health are endless.

So get up and go… enjoy Spring.

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