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Tops at Spar – Top 10 selling wines!

By admin on 17 October 2012 | Leave a Comment

Below we’ve listed the Tops at Spar’s Top Ten selling wines. Each is carefully selected for its quality, price and taste:

  1. Haute Cabriere 2012 Pinotage
  2. Diemersfontein 2012 Pinotage
  3. Beyerskloof 2012 Pinotage
  4. Nederberg 2011 Baronne Vintage
  5. Robertson Winery 2011 Ruby Cabernet
  6. The Wolftrap 2011 Syrah Mourvedre Viognier
  7. The Chocolate Block 2011 Vintage
  8. Two Oceans 2012 Sauvignon Blanc
  9. Arabella 2012 Sauvignon Blanc
  10. Springfield Estate 2012 Sauvignon

However, sometimes a bottle of wine doesn’t quite cut it and the occasion calls for something a bit special. What better way to celebrate the best moments in life than with a bottle of bubbly. Here is a list of the top five-selling bottles of sparkling wine:

  1. Pongracz Cap Classique
  2. Graham Beck Brut
  3. Pierre Jourdon TRanquille
  4. JC Le Roux La Fleurette
  5. JC Le Roux Le Domain

All of these wines are available from our Cape Quarter Tops at Spar. Top selling wines does not necessarily mean they are the best, but you can take guidance in the form of wines that appeal to large groups of consumers.


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